Opration theater equipments

OT Table

  • carm-image-intensifiers-hydraulic

    Carm Image Intensifiers Hydraulic

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    Salient Features :
    Five Section Translucent Top thick 13mm
    Leg section interchangable to Head Section
    Translucent Head Rest with adjustable Support Bar
    S.S. Covered Hydraulic four cylinder Lifting Pump
    Auto Floor Locking Device
    Specification :
    Dimension (Enc Head plate) - 1860mm x 510mm
    Minimum Height - 760mm +- 10mm
    Maximum Height - 990mm +- 10mm
    Trendelenburg - 45' +- 3'
    Lateral Tilting - 20' both side +- 2'
    Hydraulic Lifting Position - 225mm +- 10mm
    Flex Position - 80'
    Reflex Position - 220'
    Kidney Support Lift up to - 150mm +- 5mm
    Flat Head Plate - 20' up 90' down
    Standard Accessories :
    Screen Frame - 1 Pcs
    Shoulder Rest W/Pad & Clamp - 1 Pair
    Body Rest @ Pad & Clamp - 1 Pair
    Arm rest W/Mattress & Clamp - 1 Pcs
    Lithotomy Crutches W/Clamp - 1 Pair

  • side-end-control-double-cylinder-operating-table

    Side End Control Double Cylinder Operating Table

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    Salient Features :
    Five Section Stainless Steel Top
    Base and Columan covered with Stainless Steel Fitting
    Base Auto Floor Locking Device
    Detachable Leg Section
    Concealed Gear Mechanism
    Specification :
    Dimension - 1830mm x 485mm +- 10mm
    Adjustable Height - 762mm - 987mm +- 12mm
    Trendelenburg - 30' +- 3'
    Reverse Trendelenburg - 30' +- 3'
    Lateral Tilting Position - 20' both side +- 2'
    Lifting Position - 225mm +- 12mm
    Flex Position - 90'
    Reflex Position - 220'
    Head Plate - 20' up 90' down
    Standard Accessories :
    Screen Frame with Clamp - 1 Pcs
    Shoulder Rest W/Pad & Clamp - 1 Pair
    Body Horn W/Pad & Clamp - 1 Pair
    Arm Rest W/Mattress & Clamp - 1 Pcs
    Lithotomy Strips W/Clamp - 1 Pair

OT Lights

  • Shadowless operating light

    Shadowless operating light

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    Day light surgical field illumination
    Minimal heat-significantly no heat up at the operating field, due to low infrared content of the light
    No tissue dry up during extended operation
    Low heat load for operating staff
    Excellent depth illumination
    Shadow free
    Drift free, maintenance free and easy to clean arm support
  • Ceiling suspended OT lights

    Ceiling suspended OT lights

  • Ceiling suspended OT lights

    Pedestal operating lights

OT Instruments

  • bandage-scissors

    Surgical Instruments

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    Daignostic stethoscope
    Diagnostics instruments
    Surgical Scissors
    Bandage Scissors
    Carbide Blade Scissors
    Plaster Cast Instruments
    Hemostatic Forceps
    Needle Holders
    Carbide Jaw Needle Holders
    Sature Instruments
    Thumb Dressing and Tissue Forcpes
    Splinter Forceps
    Intestinal Insruments
    Dermal Instruments
    Dermail / Podiatry Instruments
    Trocars & Suction Tubes
    Probes and Director
    Goiter/Thyroid Instruments
    Gall Bladder Instruments
    Vein Strippers
    Thoracic and Cardiovascular Instruments
    Neurosurgical Instruments
    Orthopedic Instruments
    Eye Instruments
    Ear Instruments
    Nasal Instruments
    Oral Instruments
    Post Nasal Instruments
    Trachearl Instruments
    Rectal Instruments
    Urological Instruments
    Gynecological Instruments
    Obstetrical Instruments
    Post Mortem Instruments
    Miscellaneous instruments
  • Laproscopic Instruments

    Laproscopic Instruments

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    Atraumatic Graspers
    Bipolor Forceps
    Traumatic Graspers