• Cardiomin 2k

    Cardiomin 2k

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    No moving parts machine.
    One touch operation
    Thermal array printer
    Soft touch membrance keys
    Inbuilt charger
    Rugged yet light

  • Cardiomin 3c

    Cardiomin 3c

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    Three Channel Display and Print Out
    Wide screen with Uncompressed waveform Display.
    Automatic adjustment of baseline, amplification and lead switching
    Digital wave filter to eliminate baseline drift, AC & EMG interference
    Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery, Support 2 hours uninterrupted operation
    Multiple printout modes like Running Traces, Average Report, rythm lead, measurement and diagnosis.
    60 Electrocardiogram record and recall, with memory expansion capacity.
    Accurate Lead OFF detection & Display.
    Supports rich patient information input.
    Optional Networking Capability.

  • Cardiomin LT

    Cardiomin LT

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    Modern Cost Effective Solution for ECG Rocording using plain paper PC based printing.
    Optoelectronic connection to USB port
    Rapid recording and printing, effortless storage and retrieval
    12 Lead simultaneous viewing
    Single screen comparison of old and new ECG recording.
    Printout of miniature Credit card size 12 lead ECG

  • Cardiomin LT Auto

    Cardiomin LT Auto

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    Converts existing PC/Printer to a 12 Channel Self Interpreting Resting ECG Analysis Machine with Integerated Keyboard
    All the controls right from activating the software till printing & computer shutdown on the ECG module itself.
    The user is not required to use the PC’s Keyboard
    Ideal for Paramedical staff & for users who do not wish to invest time in using a OC.
    USB plug and Play device.
    Comes with three Software “Auto Version, Complete version and LT setting