• Classic CR System

    Classic CR ( Direct View)

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    Streamline workflow for higher productivity and patient throughout. The easy to use Classic CR System is easy to install and fits almost anywhere. This robust distributed CR system produces high-quality images – and has a footprint that allows placement in an x-ray room or x-ray control console room. The Classic CR System utilizes the industry standard for cassette sizes – including 15 x 30 cm for dental imaging, and 35 x 84 cm for long-length imaging.
    Classic CR System Features
    Reliable, distributed or centralized CR System
    Intuitive and simple to use
    Robust GUI, image processing, and software options/tools
    Easy installation
    Compact footprint for placement in an x-ray room or x-ray control console room
    Accommodates general radiographic exams as well as 35 x 84 cm long-length imaging, 15 x 30 dental imaging
    Excellent image quality with EVP Plus Image Processing Software
    Delivers high-quality images
    Uses all DIRECTVIEW cassettes with rigid screens including PQ screens designed to reduce noise
    Cassette cycle times of up to 69 plates per hour for 35 x 43 cm cassettes to accommodate high-volume workflows
    Available with choice of three Workflow and Image Viewing (WAIV) console configurations: 17-inch flat panel monitor, 19-inch flat panel touch screen monitor with or without additional software package
    Monitor and/or keyboard can be placed on a floor stand console that also stores cassettes, or a space-saving wall mount
    Low total cost of ownership
    Mammography imaging option available
    DICOM and IHE functionality and connectivity

  • Vita CR Systems

    Vita CR System

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    Vita CR Systems are designed especially for small-to-midsize hospitals, clinics and practices that need to watch every dollar spent-but won’t compromise when it comes to the quality of their diagnostic images. Vita CR Systems are table top units, smaller and lighter than other CR solutions. They install quickly and seamlessly into your existing workflow. An intuitive interface minimizes training time, to have your technologists up and running in no time. These systems offer features ideal for specialty applications, while their flexible and scalable design lets them grow right along with your needs.
    Vita CR Systems provide:
    Quality imaging at an affordable cost
    The ability to offer in-house digital imaging
    Faster turnaround time – for speedier diagnoses and enhanced care
    Boot your Throughput and Productivity
    Set Up and Start Scanning in Just Hours
    Simplify Procedures and Cut Your Costs
    Specialized Applications
    Total Quality Tool Option
    Long-Length Imaging Option
    Custom-Created Software
    Compact Cart for Vita CR Systems

  • CR Screens and Cassettes

    CR Screens and Cassettes

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    We offer a variety of screens and cassettes to meet the needs of various CR exams and clinical applications including long-length imaging, orthopedics, pediatrics, mammography and more.
    DIRECT VIEW CR and ACR Screens
    Wide selection of DIRECTVIEW CR screens and flexible phosphor screens for GP and ACR systems.
    DIRECTVIEW CR and ACR Cassettes
    A complete line of lighter weight cassettes for our DIRECTVIEW CR and ACR systems.
    DIRECTVIEW CR Gridded Cassette
    The first embedded grid solution for computed radiography, this cassette can streamline your workflow and save valuable time.
    CARESTREAM CR Mammography Screens and Cassettes
    Mammography cassettes with EHR-M3 screens yield optimal image quality with reduced noise and improved DQE.